Yield Farming/Harvest Improvement

Hi- I’m not sure if this is a “proposal” or a general discussion. We could always write a formal proposal, but anyone who participates in Yield Farming might understand this issue. Right now, if you have multiple LP positions and multiple farms, you must “harvest” your reward tokens (MyYield + any other reward token) individually. This means that the “farmers” are paying fees on multiple pools. If you farm on VyFi or MinSwap, you can harvest multiple pools in the same transaction. On Min you can Harvest 5 farms at a time, and VyFi its all farms in one fee/transaction.

This would be seen as a benefit to the Farmers and possibly drive more farmers to MS. If you farm, you are likely more of an income investor and this would be a strong benefit for anyone exploring farming.

Does anyone else have this issue or see this as a benefit?


It sounds like this needs to be fixed. Thanks for sharing.

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A good and beneficial improvement item for the MS farmers indeed. To make it more convenient and motivates to keep farms and create even more!

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