Wen Snow Utility? A Proposal

Issue: Currently no announced utility for Snow token. Community has been asked to wait, but it’s not clear if there is a solid plan for Snow utility. This presents an opportunity for the community to help shape the utility through governance.

Opportunity: The Snow token is the most scarce resource within the MuseliSwap token landscape. It is 1/10th of the total Milk supply. It is also likely to be held by early adopters and supporters of the MuesliSwap project. By giving these tokens an enticing utility it not only rewards those early supporters, it could lead to substantial increase in Snow token price bringing significant attention to the MueliSwap Dex.

TL;DR - 3 options that show how Snow could be used to distribute unreleased Milk. There is a short, medium and long term option each outlined with pros and cons. They are presented as a ‘first draft’ to be iterated on and are by no means fully formed solutions. Assumptions have had to be made about current allocation of Milk and Snow tokens as no official source is available at time of writing.

Assumed Token Distribution

The following distribution has been pieced together from info provided by mods in the Discord chat over the past year, but these are not officially confirmed numbers:

1,000,000 Snow:
~ 80% in Team wallet (not confirmed, but likely)

4,000,000 unreleased Milk tokens:

1,000,000 - Team
1,000,000 - Current farming rewards via converting mVoucher
1,000,000 - Future burn (not necessarily from the 4,000,000, but I’ve included it for visibility)
1,000,000 - Unallocated

250,000 Milk
30,000 Snow
10 Special Hungry Cows

The funding of the following options primarily uses the 80% of Snow that is in an assumed MuesliSwap wallet and the 1,000,000 unallocated Milk tokens. There are likely different ways to fund these options and achieve similar results, but I’ve left these unexplored to keep things simple in the first draft proposal.

:cloud_with_snow: Option 1: Make it Snow :cloud_with_snow:

Distribute held 80% Snow to Milk holders
Airdrop 1,000,000 unallocated Milk proportionally to Snow holders

Sweet: Simple to implement. Rewards early supporters and investors. Short term buy pressure on Snow and Milk leading up to snow distribution.

Sour: Overly rewards same wallets and might exclude new small/medium Milk adopters. One and done reward - no long lasting incentive to hodl Snow. Could lead to short term sell off of Milk once airdrop done.

:snowman: Option 2: Do you wanna build a Snow Fam? :snowman:

Preferred Token (works like preferred stock) - can’t vote, but gives priority/exclusive/enhanced dividends. The enhanced dividends could come from treasury or the unallocated 1,000,000 or combination of the 2. This option would include the proportional airdrop of 80% Snow to all Milk holders on a set date.

Sweet: Attractive to long term investor. Great opportunity for passive income. Short term buy pressure on Milk. Long term buy pressure on Snow due to ongoing rewards. Builds brand loyalty.

Sour: Reduces dividends to Milk holders who don’t hold Snow. Inflationary risks could suppress Milk token price medium/long term.

:snowflake: Option 3: Aged like Snow :snowflake:

Snow Vault - Long term lock up of Snow token releasing the 1,000,000 milk, but vesting over long period of time

Sweet: Provides long term returns for locking up snow. Prevents significant inflation of Milk token due to slow distribution of Milk. Short and long term buy pressure of Snow. Builds brand loyalty through long term lock in and rewards.

Sour: Not as quick to reward as other options. Might lead to immediate sell off of Milk once vesting period is over.

Please feel free to iterate, adapt and/or suggest alternatives in the thread about what you would like to see as the utility for the Snow token. Would you like to see it lead to rewards in Milk or have an entirely different use all together?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Let it Snow :snowman_with_snow:

Edit 1: Reformat of paragraph spacing for ease of reading


I prefer the third option, which involves blocking snow tokens for a long period of time.

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It’s bad that the team doesn’t give us any feedback in discussions, which option we like, which is technically not feasible, or any other comments.

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Been investing in MS for a year now and sadly this is how the team approaches most things in my experience. They are going to do what they wanna do and we are along for the ride. Worked out so far, but long term they’re going to need to do better. Communication is severely lacking across the board regardless of if it’s on here, discord or telegram. Very disappointing, particularly with all the new people coming in due to Milk and Opt pump. Innovation is great, but customer facing services and support need to be on point and professional, which currently they’re not even close.

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