Welcome to MuesliSwap Governance Forum

Welcome to the MuesliSwap forum. This forum is meant as a place to discuss community proposals for the MuesliSwap DEX. To become the best project possible MuesliSwap is relied on the full support of the community. This forum is meant as a starter for any ideas you have around improving MuesliSwap.

These ideas can include

  1. Feature Requests for the MuesliSwap DEX
  2. Protocol improvements
  3. MILK tokenomics
  4. Token specific requests

and anything else that comes to your mind.

We imagine the MuesliSwap voting process to be a multi-step process that starts in this forum. The steps include:

  1. Share your ideas in this forum and discuss it with the rest of the community. If you see enough support for your idea you can ask for an official community vote

  2. Official Community Votes: Voting of community proposals happens on the actual MuesliSwap DApp. The voting process is only open to MILK holders - if a certain threshold of MILK tokens have voted in favor of the proposal it will be approved

Step 2 and other DAO structures are still in development.


Looking forward to using this awesome forum!


Technique. Glad to be here!

Milk to the moon! MuesliSwap doing big things

looking forward to be part of this forum. All the best to the team.

Let’s go! Start of a great adventure!

Awesome work! Many good things to come!

Looking forward to help shape the future of Muesliswap! Milk does everybody good!

Looking forward for this !
Governance is important for a healthy eco-system.

Would we be able to vote?
What is your vote system include?

Thank you!

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I request a $YUMMI / $MILK pair Yield Farm, which pays ideally both $YUMMI and $MILK rewards

If this is possible from Muesli side, then we can put the question to Yummi team !!

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LFG!!! Wen amm wen re design

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Yummi seems like a great project that i shpuld take some interest in. Would love to see on muesliswap.:innocent::innocent:

This is so cool and great :blush::sunglasses:

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Great job, team. That’s a small step for Governance and decentralisation, one giant leap for the project :clap:


Glad to be here . hank You Muesli… :heart_eyes:

Glad to be here and push my favorite project forward :milk_glass::rocket::milky_way:.

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Glad to be a part of the community. Governance will bring us all together.

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Hello everyone! I’m glad that we have this space for sharing ideas and improve as a community :blush:



Ready for an On Chain Vote