Temperature Check for MILK V2 (Token Migration)

This is the temperature check poll for the proposal “MILK V2 (Token Migration)” by @CryptoBamba .

The poll is part of the MuesliSwap Governance Process and decided whether the proposal will be put up for vote in the MuesliSwap Off-Chain Governance Tool. This is an informal vote where community members can show their support or opposition to the proposal. If more than 20 accounts agree that the proposal should go into voting, an official off-chain vote will be performed.

  • Yes, put the Proposal up for an official vote in the Off-Chain Governance
  • No, there is more discussion required for this proposal

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What about creating a Milk to Milk2 1:1 liquidity pool? Where milkv2 can only be minted if milk burned…and visa versa. Then original holders or sleepers aren’t required to engage on behalf of the daytraders?

Let’s go MuesliSwap!!

An interesting suggestion. This would however not be different to the Option #1 in the proposal or do I miss something? Anyways, a constant sum liquidity pool would be an interesting addition to the MuesliSwap protocol.

Either way even if option 2 is chosen, there is no need for original holders to take action in any way - only when they want to trade their original tokens, they will most likely have to go through the conversion in order to get access to liquid markets.

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