Staking rewards

Hello muesli & milk lovers
happy to be here to support Muesliswap and $Milk.
I am one of the first supporters of the project. And I really believed in it from the beginning. ( Nov 21)

The topic I want to talk about is the rewards in staking pools.
staking is one of the biggest utility for milk.

In the beginning the rewards received from the staking polls were excellent and reflect a return of 4-5% on the investment.
In the last two months the pools have become saturated, no new projects have been added.
The yield dropped significantly.
In my filling the team attention to staking seems to declined.
I think the team must go back to promoting the staking and making collaborations in it, just like launchpad …
I would like to ask if you have any optimization suggestions & hear your opinion


That’s a great proposal, no other dex offers staking for other tokens so we can focus on it and onboard more projects.

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Most pools got end date for 1.7.2022
Rewards/MILK amount it shows on site is calculated how many tokens you get if you stake until end date, that is why those numbers might look low when we are near end date.

For example if you stake today 1000MILK to CNT pool that will end 1.7.2022 15:00
You will earn 60CNT during those 39hours pool is still running.

4month ago when pool was started it show Reward/MILK: 6CNT
So if you staked full 4months with 1000MILK, you should end up around 6000CNT in that case amount of MILK in pool was not rising much after you set your staking.

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The decrease in the amount of coins received is not because of the time that is about to run out, these are because the pools have become saturated.
The pools became saturated as the supply of pools decreased.
The collapse of flickito + the end of the snow pool, all the holders moved to the rest of the pools, so the resulting yield dropped significantly…

Every month, collaborating on a new project and a new pool can be amazing.
Strengthening and encouraging the holders to buy& hold more milk.

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I will drop this here: if I’m not wrong (in case, please correct me), there are countries (:point_right:t2: :us:) where, if you launch a project with pre-mined tokens, you cannot sell them to fund yourself, unless you want the SEC knocking at your door. This is why many arrange, e.g., airdrops to distribute their tokens. Our MILK pools could provide a nice alternative!

By leveraging on the visibility and the existing community granted by MusliSwap, an emerging project could save a large amount of effort and money that should have been directed at building a community and promoting itself.


I have nothing to say …
I just asked and the team has already uploaded 2 new pools …
champions as always :trophy:


Thank you for this proposal! What are some projects you would like to see as a MILK Pool? Hosky was requested several times across our channels for example.

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I would really like to see more serious projects such as liquid finance, maldex, Aada and project the like these. + more nice mamcoins.
If there was a pool of milk it would be the most amazing in my opinion :milk_glass::heart:

Realistically, mature and serious projects with already large user bases will most likely never have a pool because they would be giving away their token for free - they can just as much airdrop them to their current users to keep them happy. Of course never say never, but larger project tokens will more likely be available as part of a double/triple yield farm.

In terms of having a Milk to Milk pool, i can tell you that this wont happen due to the low supply of Milk and the already decided tokenomics.

What meme tokens other than Hosky do you consider to have potential? And are there are any projects in the early phase that you consider also to have potential?

Thank you for your input!

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has there been any news on the launch pad?

looking forwad to the pools when they launch:-) Hey Vanja

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