Snow Vault - Lock to earn snow

We need a Snow Vault. On the same terms as it is made with milk.
This will allow the team to earn money and attract many new participants to dex. We will attract millions of dollars to the Cardano ecosystem. And the snow token will grow a thousand times.

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We have no idea what the plan is for the snow token. Why on earth people think they need to drive value into it at this point in time is puzzling to me. A thousand x? Can we wait for the team to actually give it a use?

After all, this forum was created to make suggestions, isn’t it? We need 1000x. The market is completely calm, and the rapid growth of the token will attract attention. New money will flow into the muesli swap.

The reason in the beginning for snow was to fund treasury lets be honest, it also, as far as the story goes, to represent when Muesli came to be a idea was during the first snow where they live. Its more a nft to represent the nexus of Muesli, that being said since peeps did use ada to buy snow token it is expected to have value at some point. What are your ideas of how snow can have utility therefore giving it value? This is the place to talk about it for sure

I think this question should be asked to developers. What benefit they are willing to give the snow token. I can say anything, there are a lot of ideas. But I do not know if they will bring the expected profit. For example, I will say “let’s exchange snow tokens for nft and use them for staking”. I do not know how profitable it is for dex, how interesting it will be for developers. And let’s be honest, they still have the last word. And there is no feedback from the team about this, just wait, here is their constant response.