Preserving the Identity: Why Changing the Name Might Not Be the Best Idea for Muesliswap

Today we gather to discuss an important matter that has been raised: the possibility of changing the name of our project, Muesliswap. While some may find this idea intriguing, I strongly believe that preserving the current name is the best course of action for several reasons. Let’s delve into these arguments to better understand why the change might not be in our best interest.

  1. Established Brand Identity:

Muesliswap has come a long way, with an impressive amount of advertising and a significant impact on the community. The current name has become synonymous with our vision, values, and mission. Changing it now could potentially confuse users and dilute the recognition we’ve worked hard to build.

  1. Emotional Connection:

Our community has shown great support and enthusiasm for Muesliswap. The name has become more than just a label; it represents a shared sense of belonging and loyalty. Altering the name might disconnect us from the emotional attachment that has fueled our growth.

  1. Marketing and Communication:

A name change requires extensive marketing efforts to reintroduce the project to the audience. We risk losing valuable momentum and may face challenges in regaining the same level of attention and interest that we’ve garnered with the current name.

  1. Potential Resistance:

Any change can encounter resistance, especially when it comes to something as central as the project’s name. Some stakeholders may be hesitant or skeptical about the proposed change, leading to internal friction that could hinder progress.

  1. Technical Complexity of Token Renaming:

On the other hand, changing the token’s name to achieve divisibility may be a more feasible consideration. By focusing on the technical aspects, we can address the need for divisibility without disrupting the project’s established identity.


In conclusion, while the idea of a name change might spark curiosity, it’s crucial to carefully consider the impact on our project’s identity, community support, and branding efforts. Muesliswap has already made significant strides under its current name, and preserving it ensures that we maintain our momentum and community loyalty. Instead, we can direct our attention towards solving the technical challenges to make the token divisible. Let us continue to embrace the name that has brought us this far and concentrate on furthering our growth and success under the banner of Muesliswap. Thank you.

In the current climate with the slippage debacle and the team scrambling to handle it this prob isnt the best time to change anything. Unless of course its under new mgmt and needs the change simply due to that, what should really happen is a change of approach to how they are serving their end users and the info put out especially in North America. just my two cents here

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I agree milk is the name that brought us here and it and will eventually take us further