Please establish a MILK saving account that receives MILK interest payment without locking period or holding of another token

So far, all ways for a MILK holder to earn MILK requires either a locking period for his existing MILK holding, or the holding of another token through liquidity mining.

Imagine a MILK holder has only MILK and nothing else. He wants to earn more MILK. He is not willing to lock his MILK holding. He is not willing to buy more of another token to put MILK into liquidity mining. Now he is helpless.

Thus, I propose MILK management to invent a MILK saving account:

  1. Whoever deposits his MILK into the account earns MILK interest.
  2. No locking period.
  3. No requirement for another token in order to earn MILK.

Then the percentage will be quite low? 1-2% I suppose?

Better than 0. Better than 0

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