Opt token incentivization

Would be nice to see the Myield token used as an incentive to hold opt, say you have opt token in your wallet, for each opt token you hold you get an airdrop of 100 myield (100 myield =1 milk) you hold that myield airdrop for 30 days in the myield vault and then it can be exercised to Mvoucher and turned into Milk token. This will incentivize peeps to hold opt token similar to what Muesli did with Milk token to receive opt 1-1 airdrop. This could be given a timeline of course which should coincide with the launch of the option flow mvp, this doubles as a way to mkt/promo the optionflow portion of muesli dapp at launch.

  1. Announce airdrop to coincide with mvp launch, to give peeps time to accumulate option token.
  2. Simply stated for each opt token you hold you get 100 (can be adjusted 10, 20 etc) myield
  3. In order for you to convert myield to mvoucher and then milk you have to stake in myield vault and hold for a 30 day period as it matures
  4. Each participant has to go into the optionflow discord channel and interact once a day for the entire 30 days
  5. After the 30 day period the myield matures to mvoucher and you receive your milk token.
    This can raise awareness for the optionflow protocol and supercharge the testnet and subsequent launch.

Interacting on discord would probably dissolve into "gm"s after a couple weeks.