Oblige the team to provide the community with a roadmap

I want to raise the topic of very bad feedback. The team does not give the community any information about the future of muesliswap. Token holders do not understand the next steps and cannot analyze and make informed decisions about buying milk or snow, because they do not know what awaits them in the future.
Every time I ask the question “what about the snow?”, I hear the answer “wait for the official announcement” ))) This has been going on for more than a year.
I propose to vote in favor of obliging the team to publish a roadmap for one year.
Positive: we will know what to expect, we will be able to analyze how certain changes will affect the development of dex. And we will also be able to make a decision about buying snow or milk. And also the administrator will no longer answer the same type of questions, everything will be indicated in the roadmap.
Cons: there are none

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