Muezli: a simplified brand preserving the much loved elements of MuesliSwap

Because we are about so much more than just swapping!

Name: Muezli
Token name: Milk (no change)

A futuristic UI evoking a sense of security and technological competence while not taking itself too seriously

Logo and icon:
A slick text based logo with a gradient colour palette, as below

The [food]+Swap style of branding DEXs has now been done to death. What started off with SushiSwap and Pancake Swap has now been copied in pretty much every way imaginable and is no longer fashionable for new projects. The simplified ‘Muezli’ allows us to keep much of the well-loved brand identity while also broadening the meaning, allowing the brand to be associated with a suite of decentralised financial services - not just swapping! MuesliSwap is also currently colloquially reffered to as ‘Muesli’ - so it is not a big change. There is however a suggested change in brand identity: moving away from the cartoon cereal bowl image in favour of a more professional looking text-based logo.
It is also spelled phonetically, allowing people who are unfamiliar with the muesli cereal to pronounce it correctly. This will also allow for better SEO and brand recognition.

TLDR: remove ‘swap’ from the brand name and make the brand identity a bit slicker!

In the rebranding section on Discord: Discord


Ok, yes. This i personally like much better. Just maybe with an ‘S’ instead of the ‘Z’ ??? Muesli instead of Muezli??

But then the Z is necessary in trying to shift away from the cereal brand image. If you suggest keeping the S then what’s the point of rebranding? :thinking:

I think it’s Zexy! Love the stylized block type as well, very cool.

No Z. It doesn’t add anything if value.

want some ize cream?

good idea! MUEZLI looks nice and the colors used are great, purple and navy blue = good mix

I totally
Love this and I LOVE THE Z, gives the name an Edge! Love it, love it.