MuesliSwap iOS App

MuesliSwap iOS App

This is the initial proposal for a MuesliSwap iOS app.

In collaboration with community members, we have been diligently working on an iOS app for MuesliSwap. The primary goal of this app is to provide iOS users with a native MuesliSwap experience on their devices. To achieve this, our initial focus is on developing a foundational platform that offers users a basic overview of the trading pages.

Following this, our plan is to gradually expand the iOS app’s features, eventually encompassing all the functionalities available on the MuesliSwap webpage.

Key Features of the Base Platform:

  • A user-friendly interface optimized for iOS devices
  • A seamless, native user interface for the best possible user experience
  • Market overviews and token pages with charts, order history, and token information

Additional Features for the Extended App:

  • Enhanced security with Face ID and Touch ID integration
  • A dedicated light wallet for maximum security
  • Access to trading, staking, and all other operations available on the web app
  • Compatibility with iPadOS, macOS, and WatchOS
  • Customizable push notifications, such as alerts for reaching specific market prices or order matching, and more


  • Why iOS? Currently, there is no user-friendly way to use MuesliSwap on iOS and iPadOS devices.
  • Will the app be open source? We are considering open-sourcing certain modules, with a particular focus on the wallet module.
  • Why not an Android app? Our community development team’s current capabilities are limited to the development of native iOS apps. We acknowledge the existence of hybrid frameworks but prefer to adhere to the native iOS SDK. Furthermore, there are already functional Android apps like Eternl and Vespr that allow users to use MuesliSwap.
  • What is the roadmap? Initially, we will begin with the base platform for the app, which will include the creation of a separate backend API to enhance user experience. Subsequently, we will explore light wallet solutions, either by collaborating with existing iOS wallet apps or developing our own for the best possible user experience. The roadmap for further development can be specified after implementing the wallet solution, as it is a crucial component.
  • Funding and Treasury Allocation: We, as a community, aim to secure funding through the treasury. Given the active contributions of multiple community members to this project, we plan to distribute treasury funding evenly among all community developers during the upcoming development phases. All allocated funds will be reinvested in the developer community, with the precise allocation determined through community governance after the first phase.

Development Phases:

  1. Base Platform: This phase will establish the foundation for all subsequent developments. The base platform will provide essential functionalities, such as market and token pages displaying token details, charts, buy and sell order books, and general information. Additionally, we will publish the base app on the iOS App Store.
  2. Light Wallet: To facilitate trades and interactions with orders, we will either adopt an existing wallet solution or create our own light wallet.
  3. Full Platform: Through an iterative process, we, as a community, will expand the base app to include all functionalities available on the web app. This encompasses full trading support, staking, liquidity pools, earning opportunities, and governance.
  4. Platform Migration: In this phase, we will migrate the app to other Apple platforms, such as the Apple Watch, iPad, and macOS.
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Good written proposal but i prefer not to have a separate app for every platform i use. And there are some options already for using MuesliSwap on iOS for example you could use VESPR wallet or eternl web app. And i think other wallets will also soon have their own iOS app for accessing Cardano dApps.

the more the merrier for me but what is your timeline, what is the projected timeline, how far along are you with this, if your not funded will you continue building, if funded how best will the community insure benchmarks are hit and deliverables can be met in the timeline you give. Since you are new the some of the team will also need to be doxed to insure we know who were working with.

Thanks BlockJock, to answer your points:

  • how far along are you with this: I have more or less finished phase 1. I have been working on that in past year. More precisely first commit in the code has been made on May 2, 2022. Before governance. At the start it was just my initiative, but the closer I have been communicating with the team, the more potential I saw in the app itself.

  • Since you are new: Well feel free to open this question on some of the twitter spaces, I think Chris or Pasquale might confirm that I have been spamming them with messages in last year a lot :smiley: . Note to point out - I am not part of the team, I am part of the community, invensted a lot in MILK not only directly, but also indirectly through this app&proposal and the time I put into.

  • if funded how best will the community insure benchmarks: That is certainly a topic for a discussion. With small iterations of features it would be quite easy see how the timeline is going. Beta versions might be seeded across community to provide best possible outcomes. Unit and UI testing. There are many ways…

  • if your not funded will you continue building: I have been doing this for last year. Without any funding. So I would say yes. For me it is more about supporting of the project I trust and heavily invested in, in a way I am able to. Plus since it would be the community project, sooner or later it would not be only on me personally.

  • what is the projected timeline: I would like to not go to a specific dates now. Why? Because of phase 2. It is very complicated and complex topic and community should decide first if they want it or not. After wallet thing, the development should become deterministic and quite easily definable in a timeline.

Can’t wait an iOS app would be a game changer, without being stuck at a desktop and also some mobile devices having trouble connecting to internet web browsers (speaking for myself). But using other wallets like Eternl would be easy to maintain while providing the options to participate in the lite wallet.