Muesliswap Flexible Staking V2

Bring back Flexible Staking - Stake to earn tokens and allow other projects to apply to have their own flexible staking pool with their own defined emission rates.

Other projects/DEXs already offer this, but charge beyond reasonable rates for doing so.
Muesli had it in the past but discontinued it for a reason unknown to me and i also don’t know what they charged for it.

If its easily creatable, create a UI for users to create their own staking pool. If not have users apply for it through email, github, telegram, etc…

Muesliswap charges 1% of all the tokens provided to the pool or 1% of all rewards withdrawn?
Which can be sold or added to the upcoming muesli treasury?

or even used for something new.
the “universal staking pool”?
Use the 1% of all tokens acquired to create a “giant” multi-token pool for $MILK holders to stake towards. Earning them a mixture of everyone token using muesliswaps staking pools.


This seems like an idea worth investigating. A multi-token pool for milk would bring further use to milk.

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I guess VyFi has used this approach for their staking pools?

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