$MILK utilities for holders

What are Milk’s utilities for holders at the moment?
(Staking/fee’s discount (From what I know))

what do you think should be in addition?

What would you like to see added?

Which utilities you know from other projects that could have been added?


I think a very small amount (say, 10) to unlock the DEX aggregator would make sense. That would give the token a real use for lots of people. It would be interesting if the transaction fees could be paid in Milk when Babel fees arrive. Milk does need to be fractionalised for this and many other reasons.


Im Agreeing with the idea to lock an amt of MILK for PRO Features so to speak… In a pool and you get to reap the rewards and use a pro feature or two… Kind of how Drip Dropz did the Drip PRO thing but you had to send your tokens away… Muesli can have a DASHBOARD to lock in your MILK and open the new stuff. :smiley: Like HUNGRY COW STEAKING :rofl: :cow:


Great ideas. Any added utility to the MILK token will only make it more valuable.