Make muesli app easy for newbies

After using minswap app, I have to say, you need some redesign and implement zapin like functionality.
You can implement a function to allow select my tokens and show the quantity of each one inside de selction tool, so I can make swap easier.
Leave only one option, instant swap, leave advanced options hidded.
try to reduce the 4 adas total fee, after vasil you will be able to implement this, Maladex says so.
my best regards

Unique point of view. Valuable ideas no doubt. What would you propose type of features could simplify. We know zap in is good but are there more?

Hi, did you already have a chance to check out our new beta website launching after vasil?

We are also planning to launch the Zap-IN functionality with the new website and pools after Vasil.



Also our fee is currently 0.95ada + 1.7ada deposit. We might be able to further reduce the 0.95ada once the hard fork has launched. The deposit you will get back after the trade and can unfortunately not be avoided.

Yes, It did a big improve! Nice UI on beta muesli site!
But still missing some features, like I said check this minswap foto where my tokens are fullfilled during the select token list:

That is good, it´s a start and good news, but lets wait, Maladex promises low fees too.

“…Each AAMM submission is a separate programmable swap, i.e., a separate EUTxO. This
fragmentation achieves the highest throughput and minimal memory requirement for
performing transactions. Security and soundness of the protocol is achieved via redeemers
and validators.
This is in stark contrast to all other liquidity providing models, where the design of
liquidity pools is very simplistic. It is easiest to design a pool with global memory, but in
the case of EUTxO account model it leads to 1 transaction per block (20s), or optimization
running into memory issues (16kB per transaction and 65kB per block). Doing it the
optimal way, utilizing Cardano’s EUTxO architecture, achieves high throughput, low
transaction fees, and opens a lot of new possibilities not available to other DEXs before…”

I´d like to add the “menu translation” to the common languages (I´m Portuguese speaker).