Introducing MuesliSwap Treasury and Governance Mechanism!

As you know, the MuesliSwap governance is just around the corner. But what you may not know is that we are thrilled to introduce our innovative MuesliSwap Treasury and Revenue Sharing Model.

We have different structures in mind and want your input to find the best treasury model that will bootstrap the MuesliSwap Treasury and provide additional benefits to the community.

With 250,000 MILK tokens, 30,000 Snow Tokens, and 10 special Hungry Cows, the Treasury is ready to take the MuesliSwap experience to the next level!

Here’s what we’re thinking: we will have a main on-chain treasury, initially equipped with 70,000 MILK tokens and 30,000 Snow Tokens. But that’s not all, over the course of one year, we’ll vest an additional 15,000 MILK tokens into the Treasury every month! We’ll also add 20% of the frontend fee revenue (fees from the MuesliSwap websites) in ADA to the Treasury at the end of every month.

All MILK holders will have a voice in deciding where the funds of the on-chain treasury should be allocated, such as MuesliSwap marketing, dividends, and investments into additional projects. This will all be handled in a completely decentralized manner through smart contracts.

This is going to be huge! We want to hear from you before the governance can commence. So, don’t be shy, share your ideas and feedback with us. Together, let’s create a successful governance mechanism that benefits every member of the MuesliSwap community!


What a great idea. A buy back program would be cool also where profits are buying MILK token putting upwards pressure on the price then they go into liquidity pool


I think this is an amazing idea, which will give an incentive to people to hold milk, and influence/profit from it.
The 2 things that are important to me are

  1. Marketing
  2. A mechanism that rewards holders, a little better than staking today. Maybe through dividends.

I’m suggesting that 50% of the 20% front end fees should remain as ADA & given to MILK holders as Dividends, MILK holders don’t have to lock their milk to earn this ADA, they only have to hold milk. While the remaining 50% is used to purchase MILK from the DEX and locked in the treasury for future development.

I also suggest 50% of The 70k Milk and 50% of the 15k milk per month that would be in the treasury from the 250k milk should be given as dividends to milk holders that lock their MILK token for variable periods of time, the longer the lock up the more percentage earned in dividends and the other 50% to be used for further development and marketing.


Great idea! You will be able to make a governance entry and vote for it as soon as we launch it.


Do you think the locking mechanism should have an option to unstake immediately or do you need to wait for the locking period to end?


This idea :bulb: I second but I’m eager to hear details either way :wink:


Can we get an update on the snow token and utility if any

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I think One has to wait for the locking period to end.

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How about

1- Create a Governance stake pool.

2- Stake your $MILK in the Governance stake pool

3- Gain Voting power and Passive earning share by the formula (Staked amount x staked days) during a period.

Optional : Passive earning adding governance stake pool from collected fees

This will likely cause #MILK prices goes up due to supply shock. Because people need to leave their $MILK Token longer for more voting power.

I can make detailed proposal if you like


I like this idea a lot, encourages long term holding in a new way. As an addition I think that if it was possible to know which wallets from the pool voted in any proposal and which did not (all rewards proportionally distributed to those that did) it could also incentivise governance participation.


We can add many good things actually,
We can also add some gamification

  • If someone gain specific amount voting power they gain a badge like "MILK Believer’ and gain some benefits. Many badge and its benefits can design.

  • they can gain Vore Badge and benefir with specific number of votes

We can also make levels for each badge and each level benefit percentage would be different


I believe the idea is great, but a Like @Decaf a governance stake pool would be nice to have also.


yes, it is mandatory to have a treasury to fund runways for development and special projects.


I opened a new topic as passive income and governing vote mechanism. I’d like to hear your opinions and suggestions.