Hungry cow second utility ! Second utility .. 🐮

:wave:Salutations again,

Recently I came across a medium article from the Dex genius yield they are releasing a limited mint for NFTs that can be utilized for farming yield that have a time limit and a percentage boost. :arrow_double_up:

  1. As a continuation of my first proposal of the Hungry cows :cow: second utility an ADDITIONAL utility to that second utility could be a virtual NFT with a time limit that can be purchased from the current Hungry cows :cow: NFT holders

2.To go along with the idea :bulb: of what :moneybag: Ada handles :moneybag: are/is doing with their sub handles where an individual who owns a handle can create a carbon copy NFT of that handle to give to someone while maintaining control and ownership of the original or create a virtual NFT that can have permissions, limitations, and :alarm_clock: time limits.

  1. Example: If a :dollar: liquidity provider :money_mouth_face: would like to have a constant percentage they could purchase that percentage from the original holder in VIRTUAL form for the amount of time stipulated be it one day full boost to 30 days full boost and the NFT can then shut down. :coffin::skull::skull_and_crossbones::funeral_urn:

4.Also this idea :bulb: could evolve into a virtual NFT that can be :battery: recharged for more utilization ,later on if in 6 months they decide they would like to provide more liquidity :moneybag: and receive a boost :arrow_double_up: they already have the virtual NFT that is expired :skull_and_crossbones:and they can :dollar: pay an amount of Ada to reactivate it and :battery: recharge it similar to how cellular phones worldwide practiced throughout the '90s until recently.
:battery: Recharge your minutes :iphone: :thinking: better yet :battery: recharge your Boost :face_with_monocle: :cow:.

Thank you for reading :blush: