Governance/community incentivization

There is a need for community involvement to help and assist, in a organized way, the discord and telegram to insure information is given as its asked and of course insure those who have an issue or problem can get a immediate answer other then "were almost there buddy:-) If part of the fee generated for the community could be directed towards an incentivization program that rewards those who spend time in the social media forums. More detailed discussion is needed of course and I look forward to how this could be implemented with your ideas.

Perhaps we could suggest that the team consult with the CardanoGPT team and investigate the costs associated with their AI reply bot. This might be more cost effective that paying a community member to do same job and the bot is always available.

axo has a great reply bot in Malrin it can answer almost anything so this may be an option, but I would like to see more community involvement and from that they actually get paid to do it, Your not going to get rich but it can be useful to propogate new peeps willing to spend time supporting others in discord.

True, Malrin is pretty entertaining, and I get your point. To be honest anything would be an improvement over “kindly wait while I defer to the team”.