First Fiat backed Stable Coin LBE

As a member of Mehen Innovations and our stable coin USDM I am uniquely situated to understand the impact of stable coins in our nascent Defi ecosystem. Mehen and USDM is a Cardano grown project with a large amt of support within the community. The issue is availability of token via Minting and burning due to kyc/aml, usdm will launch in 3 states in the beginning, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado. Considering this limitation, there is a real need for a direct ability to add a large injection of liquidity. The LBE could be a way to help Mehen have liquidity in the mkt in the form of usdm at launch, interested to hear others thoughts on this and how we can create the highest tvl in Muesliswaps dex


With MuesliSwaps Concentrated Liquidity pools this should work great!

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can you contact us on twitter? then we can discuss how this could be done


How’s the USDM doing now? We need a good stable for Cardano. Especially now. It could bring volumes and users!

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