Do we want $milk on a Centralized EXchange?

Hello fellow Milkers! (sounds nasty but i’ll go with it)

I heard some talks on twitter from Minswap and Iagon that they are trying to get listed on centralised exchanges.
Does the muesliswap team have the same ambitions and what does the community think of this.
It will probably bring more traffic to the DEX, which is good for the muesliswap team, milkbagholders and the entire cardano ecosystem.
It’s good that the token now has decimal points and that muesliswap is the first dex on the cardano blockchain.
I also picked up that it’s not that easy to get listed (minswap and iagon wanted to join forces, which is great, already too much rivalry and drama in our community).

So does the community want $milk on a CEX? And if necessary, should treasury funds be used for this. I have no idea what cex’s want these days. So if anyone knows, let me know!

Would love to hear some opinions!

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fyi, i’m not here to pump my bags, i’m already enjoying life pretty good.


I really like the idea of going up to CEXs. Especially in this time, most of the money goes there.


the idea is good we need cex asap , milk project with tones of utility and ofc limited tokens could easily get to 1k $ in tire 1 exchanges , but it need some prerequisite , most important one is we should announce a dead line for token migration to make liqudity focuse on just one coin , lets be honest the fact that we have almost 4 coin MILKV1,MILKV2,MYIELD,MVOUCHER that Indirectly depending on each other . and make new user or even pro users who doesn’t follow us all the time confuse , at least we could merge liquidity volume of v1 and v2 , almost any coin that i know about when deciding to migrate tokens , Immediately announce a deadline to avoid such a problems and even after deadline reached tokens that not converted will burn .


Yes, but only with properly planned marketing.


For sure. Cex listing should be no1 priority , we should make this together with other CNTs.


Definitely would love to see $MILK land on a CEX. Not being divisible held us back before but I think we are not at a much better position overall, especially with all the updates coming and the DAO being underway. I think we need to land on a CEX that makes the most sense for us. Many will want Tier 1 exchanges like Coinbase or Binance, but there are strict requirements such as volume and etc that needs to be met on a daily basis. Given the current position of the market, the must needed exposure from CEX will do the platform wonders. At the same time we need to have a marketing plan in place along with someone who will specialize in handling the marketing aspect. CEX is what CNT needs now to help boost the ecosystem along with bringing new investors into DeFi.


The only CNT’s which will make it going forward are the CNT’s that are listed on a Tier1 CEX. This to create awareness, price action and attract trading volume.

However, listing at a CEX is not good enough. We need more marketing efforts from the team. Currently we only see progress when features come out.

When listing at a CEX we need to make sure potential buyers of $MILK are able to find us, know our vision, know what the roadmap is and are intrigued to buy $MILK and gain from the utility.


I wouldn’t mind if MILK was listed on CEX, obviously. I don’t think Binance BNB was ever listed on Coinbase and this is what MILK should aim to be - a Dexchange token which enables cost-effective trading of other Cardano Native Tokens.

If BNB can succeed without CEX listing, then MILK can possibly do the same thing. IMO, the focus should be on providing economic incentives for users that hold other growing CNTs (MELD, AGIX, LENFI) to buy MILK for fee concessions, farming and staking. The Muesliswap DEX should enable cross-platform CNT liquidity as a core function. I think most directly, this would involve a greater emphasis on MILK as a base currency pair for liquidity vs ADA (MELD/MILK or AGIX/MILK as liquidity pools, more than just Multi-Hop functionality).

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Listing on cex exchange like binance, coinbase etc is a good idea as most users avoid dex because they are not familiar with.

There are situations where the user waits for a token to be listed on cex because they afraid to purchase it from dex as they are not familiar with so, listing milk on cex is a helping hand for those who want to buy it and a good volume increase for the token itself.

Am i wrong guys?

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The problem is that the holders of milk (snow) tokens and the team have different goals. The team does not need any listings, they do not need the growth of the token against the dollar, they earn their commission and this is enough for them. They earned money at the start of the project, these were nft, snow token, milk token, and so on.
That’s when they won’t have enough profit to continue their activities, then the team will come up with something.


Tell them “by listing milk on cex you are securing the future of milk AND future commissions”
Somehow they will see the profit there and they will make a move.


I would say))) But how? They don’t communicate with us. No AMA, they don’t even come here. There’s no one to talk to.


I started about ten topics here about the snow token. None of the team reacted once. No one gave a single comment, they just don’t care))))


Check your message for supper link and discuss with them about the token swapping

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Stop spamming, are you a scammer?

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