Creating a Community Mkt Director Position

This is a timely topic considering the recent events on Muesli’s dex surrounding the poor use of the word Slippage and the back door policy to batchers surrounding tips. Currently the team is attempting to use paid community members (some times called shills) to get their message out. No shade on these members but it needs to be handled professionally from someone who can represent the team in a way that is coordinated. This should be a top priority so as to create a direct front facing connection to the community, which will then keep info flowing and build trust & better relationships with its end users.


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I’ve made a couple of comments in this forum (before the whole slippage incident) where I’ve said MS need a more professional standard of communicating. You’re utterly right in that it needs a better approach and I hope someone senior in the team pays attention to the proposal.

I worked for Apple Retail for 10 years and can tell you first hand that people don’t shop there because they get the most bang for their buck. It’s the service and the experience they get.

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Defenetly like the move of Muesli with bi-weekly ama’s especially having Bamba in their as a co-host with Niels, Niels has always been a stalwart when it comes to representing Muesliswap, there is a need for it to mature a bit on the community side. They might also think to get involved in the did standards and the privacy alliance that Matthew Plomin and Andrew Westburg are a part of.