Concentrated pool ADA/DJED question

So I was looking to add some liquidity to the ADA/DJED pool. I was looking at the candle chart for that pair and saw some pretty high wicks (up to 14ada/DJED). I went to look through the transactions and saw that one wallet was somehow able to send 10DJED for 140ADA over and over. What causes this?

P.S - I also see that the concentrated pool range is .1ada to 10.03ada per DJED and I can not change the trading parameters. I thought in a concentrated liquidity pool the user can set what price range they want their liquidity to be used.

P.S.S - this wallet might be an owned wallet from MuesliSwap because the ADA Handle is MuesliSwapV3. I would still like to know what is happening when 10djed can be swapped for 140ada.

Thank you for your help and info!

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